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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1. Adding Adodc Control to the form: 

1.1 Open Visual Basic 6-->Click Project in the MenuBar-->Components-->Microsoft ADO Control 6.0(OLEDB)-->ok
1.2 Now the control is added to the tool box. from the tool box drag it to the form

2. Creating Database in VB6:

2.1 Go to Menu bar-->Add-Ins-->Visual Data Manager.
2.2 In Visual Data Manager Menu Bar-->File-->New-->Microsoft Access-->Version 7.0 MDB--> Give File Name -->Save.
2.3 Now a Properties tab is created in the same window, right click it-->new table-->give table name-->add fields by giving name and type, continue it for 3or 4 datas-->ok-->now build the table.
2.4 Now the file is show in the same window, right click it-->open-->now add the value for the fields you created in step 2.3
2.5 Tats it ...Database is created..!!!!!!

3. Connecting Database with ADODC Control in VB Form:

3.1 In the Form Right Click Adodc1 Control-->Properties-->Use Connection String-->Select the Database from the location in your computer-->Test Connection.
3.2 Select the Record Source tab in the same Adodc Property Window-->In Command Type select 2-adCmdTable-->Select your Table name in the below drop down list-->ok

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